About Us

We travelled to Amy’s home country recently.  To stay a few weeks with Amy’s grandmother was truly a special gift.

Halmoni is a lady of ninety years and she lives in the country, away from all the hustle and bustle.  It had been some years since Amy had seen her, and I had never met her in the five years that Amy and I have been together.  Each morning of our stay, she would rise at the crack of dawn and begin preparing our breakfast, and in spite of our protests at all her hard work, we enjoyed many of her home-cooked meals.

Halmoni has survived war, famine and many personal hardships, yet kindness and warmth flow from her in abundance, and her smile is that of a little girl still excited by the wonder in this world.  As soon as breakfast was eaten and the table cleared away, she would say to us, ‘…you two young people go out now.  Go out and make some happy memories.’  We think of Halmoni everyday, and now base our lives around her words.

We are in the truly privileged position to bear witness to people in love making some of the happiest memories of all.

Thank you for finding us.

Andrew & Amy